What we offer

JAE Partners.LLC is a young pan-African/European Currency and Commodity trading group With funds totalling some NGN25000000( APPROX £100000) and Growing. We have invested throughout African Consumer Market  and  E-commerce Start Up companies that have the potential to become real market leaders for more than 20 years.

Our Investment funds are mostly financed through Independent Private Clients and Our Professional Market traders who trade in commodities and the Currency market daily.

We are committed to providing outstanding entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to fund their growth strategies. We typically lead financing rounds ranging from NGN1 million to NGN5 million . Depending on the maturity of the company, our own commitment can go as high as NGN 10 million.

Providing funding is only one part of our business. After funding, the entrepreneurs we back have access to the advice and guidance of our complete team and our entire Independent Client Investors that range from different individuals in major sectors. Our investment professionals operate out of Two offices, located in Birmingham UK and Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The pan-African and transatlantic makeup of our organisation enables us to support our portfolio in expanding globally.

JAE Partners.LLC


  • E-Commerce

  • African Consumer Market

  • Commodity Market

 Stage Focus

Mainly seed and 
early-stage; occasional
growth investments


Mainly West Africa; 
Occasionally UK

 Funds under

More than NGN25 million 
in four fund generations and we are looking to build through Independent client investors


 More than 10 since 2011